New Male Vocalist! WOW!

What an amazing honor! I had a show in Odessa and was unable to attend the TRRMA Awards, but I was informed that I won New Male Vocalist at this year's awards. What an honor! Thanks so much to all of you that voted and have supported me throughout the years. Things keep getting better every day and I am glad to share this with all of you.

God Bless,



Billy Bobs

Billy Bob's!

Hey y'all! This just in...we are going to be playing Billy Bob's Texas for the first time on April 10th! This, for an artist is something I have worked very hard to get to where we can start building here and if all goes well, maybe one day sell out! :) Hope to see you all there! Thanks and God Bless, CG.

I have attached the ticket link as well!


Be In Curtis' New Video!


Reasons why

Why I Do What I Do

Now that the cat is out of the bag on the next single.."Our Side Of The Fence" feels really good seeing an album review like this from a great friend in radio affirming that this next song hits home like it does for me. Thanks so much Jennifer for the kind words!

CD Review of Curtis Grimes Our Side of the Fence
Jennifer Allen

Full disclosure- I've been on the Curtis Grimes bandwagon for a while now. I find him, as an artist and a human, to be an incredibly talented, sincere individual with an understated charm. His voice is remincent of Clay Walker, infused with the ease of other Texas crooners such as Tracy Byrd. His writing has matured, along with his sound, but it all still sounds genuine to me and not forced beyond his years. To say that I was excited to hear his new material, produced by the one and only Trent Wilmon, is a given. I am thrilled with what these two have given us in the way of Our Side of the Fence.

I enjoyed the entire album, but as always, there are standouts.

Obviously, the lead single, "The Cowboy Kind" has proven to be a hit with radio and fans alike and continues to do well on the Texas Music Chart.

Track one, "Who Knew" is another charmer; it's up tempo, fun, and young but not juvenile.

"Better Off' stirred up memories of the first time I heard Dierks Bentley's "Come A Little Bit Closer". It's sexy, but not overtly sexual and feels like a grown up slice of life; it's real and romantic all at once.

"Baby Don't Cry" is a sweet, easy ballad and I am sure it's a hit at live shows.

Speaking of crowd pleasers, "Wet" is a home run; there is more than one man I know anxiously awaiting the video for that tune.

"Texas Plates" is the perfect summer anthem; how can you not love a song with a shout out to College Station?

I hope the powers that be consider the title track "Our Side of the Fence" for the next single from this project. It's just a fantastic, solid tune that I never tire of hearing. The hook is catchy and it's easy to identify with the concept. It's just a great song that I hope to share with our audience sooner rather than later.

My personal favorite on the project is "Think I Know". I've always loved the songs that pay homage to the legends of country and Curtis manages to be wistful in his delivery but not pandering. His voice is smooth as good bourbon, never dipping into syrupy or gimmicky. It's an ode the greats and he nails it.

There is depth on this project that I think can appeal to the masses. I can hear these cuts coming out of a Whisky Myers song, or a Keith Urban tune, with the same amount of ease. There is a lot for radio programmers and fans to get excited about on the album. I hope Our Side of the Fence garners Curtis the attention he deserves. Give it a listen for yourself and let me know what you think at